Running air conditioners in the US uses 6% of the electricity generated. In addition to this, the utility bills that accompany these systems add up to around $29 billion as of 2020. Therefore, the use of an AC can significantly impact homeowners’ finances all over the country. The use of old or inefficient AC systems is one of the primary reasons for such high utility bills. If this is the case, then it may be time to buy a replacement and hire an AC installation in Lake City, FL.

The benefits of replacing an old AC

Most units have a life expectancy of 10 years in which they provide optimum functioning. After this time, there is a high chance that more money will maintain the AC than actually investing in a brand new one. The most significant benefit that comes with replacing an AC is the reduction in recurring repair costs. However, there are other benefits as well like –

  • Higher SEER Ratings

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) scale is associated with measuring the efficiency of an AC. The basis of the scale depends on the ratio of the output (cool air) to the consumption of input energy during the same time. A good AC would have a SEER rating of 13 which translates to the air conditioner being 30% more efficient.

  • Incentivizing New ACs

Older AC systems are much more harmful to the environment due to their inefficiency resulting in higher carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, to reduce the carbon footprint, the government encourages the buying of newer systems. In some states like Florida, the rebate that one receives can go up to $100 if the SEER ratings surpass 14. These homeowners are also eligible for tax credits in some cases.

  • Opportunity To Resize

There can also be room for improvement when buying an AC. However, this improvement extends further than the model being used and involves considering a change in the size of the system. The right size AC for a home can be cheaper to purchase and more efficient, especially for smaller AC. All this is possible at the same SEER level as that of a larger system. To find the right size, technicians offering AC installation in Lake City, FL, carry out a series of measurements and ensure that the AC installed can cool the space.

  • Enhanced Air Quality

The new AC systems come with better filters and motors. This enhancement not only allows it to cool air more quickly but also cleans the air indoors. This can be especially beneficial during the summer when hay fever plagues individuals in almost every household. The majority of the pollen and spores will be caught by the AC, thus reducing the chances of getting allergies.

When it comes to AC systems, there is a lot of deliberation that should be done regarding their repairs and replacement, especially when it’s more than 10 years old.

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