When an air conditioning device stops producing cool air, it usually happens due to numerous issues. One of the most prevalent problems is that the evaporator or condenser coils have frozen up. In addition, when your air conditioning device operates, condensation collects on the cooling coils, and it gets frozen by the chilly air flowing through them.

Running your air conditioning appliance with a frosted part can severely harm your machine. Nevertheless, that does not imply you always have to wait for an expert technician for air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL, to arrive and defrost your frosted cooling unit. You can readily perform a quick fix with some primary electrical devices in your household, like a hairdryer.

How to quickly Defrost your Air conditioning appliance at home?

For numerous homeowners in Florida, calling an expert technician for air conditioning service and maintenance can be an added expense. Due to this, many people usually like performing DIY (Do-it-yourself) repairs to defrost their air conditioning appliances.

Here are some quick fixes that you can attempt if your air conditioner appliance has frozen up. (Nevertheless, you must note that these are mere transient fixes, and you must always depend on a professional technician for such repairs.):

  • Use a Hairdryer to Defrost the Air Conditioning Appliance

While you must be amazed to know this, using a hairdryer can be the perfect and the most affordable way to defrost your air conditioning appliance. You can use your regular hair dryer or a blow dryer to defrost the ice accumulation on the evaporator coils.

Nonetheless, you must ensure that you do not operate your hairdryer at a higher temperature, as excess heat can invariably damage the internal parts of your cooling unit.

Moreover, this high heat can further lead to other severe issues or total breakdown of your air conditioning device. In addition, if your air conditioning device unit freezes due to the stack of dirt and debris, it can quickly get resolved using a hairdryer. Nevertheless, freezing occurring due to low coolant or a defective thermostat can only get fixed by a professional specialist.

  • Leave the Machine Intact for Some Time

Another quick DIY you can attempt to defrost your air conditioner appliance is to leave it untouched for around a couple of days or use it only on the fan mode if needed. Doing this will let your endlessly functioning cooling appliance take some to settle down and defrost itself.

All in all, defrosting your air conditioning device at home with the help of a hairdryer or other temporary fix is a fantastic idea that can save you considerable funds. Nevertheless, these DIY repairs usually do not last long, and the issues frequently start occurring that can further damage your air conditioning appliance.


Therefore, it is always prudent to call an expert HVAC professional for air conditioning repairs and services. Furthermore, if you are looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor for your repairs, replacement, or AC installation in Lake City, FL, feel free to connect with our highly experienced team at Lane Heating and Air.

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