An air conditioner can trouble its owners a lot during the summer season, and no owner wants to face an HVAC bill that puts extra strain on their monthly budget. In such cases, it is best to try to solve the problem yourself. Here are some common problems that you may face at one point in time:
  1. Water leakage may indicate leveling problems with the air conditioner, clogged drain pipe, or a broken condensate pump. Use a vacuum to unclog the drain pipe and read the manual to better understand the drain pipe structure.
  2. If the water leakage is outside your home, the possible causes may be dirty air filters, malfunctioning AC seal, or a broken condensate pan. Clean the filters and check the condensate pan before contacting a professional.
  3. Refrigerant leaks are not common, but they are not difficult to handle. A small leakage requires you to refill it the right amount, not less and not more, as it may affect the working efficiency of the system. However, if the leak is due to damage to the pipes, you can try to fix the pipes yourself or contact a professional.
  4. Dirty air filters will decrease your indoor air quality and restrict airflow in your home. Remove the air filters, clean or replace them according to the requirements of your system, and start using your air conditioner. Maintain a proper schedule for cleaning your air filters for the best results.
  5. The compressor in your air conditioner may go bad due to no lubrication, dirty coils, and lesser refrigerant levels. Since the compressor is an important part of your air conditioner, you should let a professional handle it.
  6. Frozen evaporator coils are due to restricted airflow in your air conditioner. You can easily unfreeze them by switching off your system, letting the ice melt on its own, and soaking the water using a towel.
  7. The capacitor in your system signals the motor to start working when you switch it on. Power fluctuations and overheating can cause damage to it. Only a professional can tackle problems related to the capacitor as there are chances of getting electric shocks while working with it.
  8. The thermostat detects the required temperature for your home and instructs the air conditioner to cool accordingly. It may face wiring damage or technical issues. Check its wiring connections and ensure its batteries are working properly. You can contact a technician who provides air conditioner repair services in Lake City, FL, to replace your thermostat with a smart thermostat.
  9. Unwanted noises from an air conditioner can be extremely troublesome for the owner and their family. There are various reasons for an air conditioner to make noises, like wiring problems or foreign objects in the ducts, so you should let a professional find the real reason for the noise source and fix it for you.
  10. If the circuit breaker of your air conditioner trips continuously, you can try switching off the power supply and replacing it with a new one. If the problem remains, contact a professional.

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