How to Know if Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

Nothing beats the soothing feel of your air conditioning device working on a hot summer night, with cool air circulating through the vents. It is important to note that when the air conditioning fails to function properly, it can mean countless hot, sleepless nights waiting for a service request. While having cool air may be desirable, the repair costs are less likely to be. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to regularly call experts for your air conditioner service in Lake City, FL.

How to Know if Your AC is Broken?

Here are some indications to understand your air conditioning device is broken and requires a replacement or air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL.

  • Examine Your Thermostat

Check that your thermostat remains its setting to “cool” or “conditioning systems.” Furthermore, if the air conditioner blower is still operating, check the thermostat temperature and correlate it to the temperature within your home. When it is extremely hot outside, particularly between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, air conditioners can fall behind and struggle to keep up.

However, if your home temperature is continuously a few degrees higher than the temperature specified on your thermostat, you may have a greater issue. If you have an automatic or programmable thermostat device, ensure the capacitors are fresh and in good working order.

You should hear a “click” from your HVAC system to suggest it is turning on, in addition to feeling chilled air and seeing a temperature difference on the thermostat. If the thermostat and the HVAC system are not near, you may need one person who works the thermostat and another next to the HVAC system.

If your central air conditioning system refuses to turn off, you may further encounter difficulties. There could be a problem with your machine’s thermostat involving wiring issues or issues with the air conditioning compressor. If this happens with your device, it is prudent to call experts right away so that they can prevent further damage!

  • Check The Vents in Your Home.

You should be able to feel chilly, or at least cool, in the air coming from your air vents. If there is only warm air or no air, your air conditioning system may malfunction.

Make a visual assessment of your vents as well. There could be gaps or tears or pipework that has become disconnected. It could indicate that your air is seeping or is not blowing out of the vents as it should. Dirty and leaking air ducts are inefficient and can cause health and breathing problems.

  • Inspect Your HVAC Air Filters

Have you recently switched your air filters? Change the heating and cooling air filter if you haven’t changed it in a while or if it is visibly dirty. It may make it possible for your system to function properly. Examine your evaporator coils for ice accumulation, humidification, or water pooling. The existence of any of these can indicate an airflow issue that could affect your air conditioning system.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Call Your AC Repair Service Technician

During the summer, it is not uncommon for the heat outdoors to reach the 90s on a sunny day. When the temperatures soar, you rely heavily on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool.

Furthermore, the last thing you want during the hottest months of the year is for your device to break down or begin malfunctioning. To avoid this, you must be able to identify the signs that it is time to contact a professional for an air conditioner service in Lake City, FL.

Signs It’s Time to Call a Dependable AC Professional

Here are some evident signs that your air conditioning device needs repair or AC maintenance in Lake City, FL

  • There is no Cool Air.

The most visible sign that you need air conditioning repair is if the wind coming from your home’s ventilation system isn’t cool. If the air isn’t cooling as it generally does, you should call for service. However, before you call for air conditioning service, you should check your thermostat.

First, ensure that the temperature in your home is higher than where the air conditioner is placed. Next, ensure that the thermostat is in the cooling cycle. If all of these things are in order, it is time to contact a professional. Several factors can cause this problem.

For example, the system’s compressor may be misfiring or have failed. It’s also possible that the coolant levels are low. Finding the source of the problem and making the necessary repairs would necessitate the knowledge and expertise of an HVAC technician.

  • A Lack of Airflow

It can be difficult on your air conditioning system if the air circulation from the vents are poor. Because of the insufficient airflow, your device will have to work harder to achieve the correct temperature. It not only puts excessive strain on the system, lowering its life expectancy, but it can also raise your energy bills.

Several factors can contribute to poor airflow. It could be as uncomplicated as dirt and debris accumulating in the air ducts. If this is the case, cleaning the air ducts is a simple solution. The issue could be more severe, such as a faltering compressor or worn system elements.

  • Frequent cycling

During the day, it is not unusual for your air conditioning system to process on and off. When the air conditioning system in the home reaches the target temperature, it will cycle off. When the temperature in the house begins to rise, the system will restart.

If your air conditioner is continuously cycling on and off, it is best to call experts for air conditioning service as the air conditioner might have reached the end of its useful life.

  • Moisture Surrounding The Unit

There should never be any standing water or denunciation around the interior or exterior units. You should plan an air conditioning repair appointment if you notice any humidity. The issue could be something as simple as an obstructed or broken hose.

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Why Did Your Furnace Fail To Function?

If you face frequent furnace failures, check for the following parts before contacting your technician that provides heat pump repair services in Lake City, FL, for repair:

Air Filters

Air filters ensure that the airflow path is smooth and does not have any restrictions or cloggings that block it. Moreover, they filter out the foreign matter in your indoor air like bacteria, dust, virus, dirt, pollen, and pet hair to maintain its quality.

If you notice that your family members are suddenly facing increased breathing problems or the airflow feels obstructed, you should check the air filters of your furnace. Ensure that they are clean and do not have any unwanted growth on them.


As a furnace owner, you know the importance of a thermostat and the effects of a malfunctioning thermostat. Before you blame your furnace for lower efficiency levels or not switching on, check your thermostat.

Ensure that the thermostat is on the right mode and its batteries are not dead. Also, look out for any fault in its wirings that may hamper its working. If your thermasrat is not working to the best of its ability and you don’t wan’t to go through the hassle of fixing it on your own,you can contact your technician that provides heat pump installation services in Lake City, FL, to get a smart thermostat.

Pilot Light

A furnace generates heat by burning the fuel that reaches the system, and a furnace burns the fuel with the help of its pilot light. When the system senses that enough fuel has entered, the pilot light burns it to generate heat that circulates through the house.

If the pilot light malfunctions, the furnace will not generate any heat irrespective of its current condition. You can find the pilot light below the furnace, and it burns continuously. If it is not burning, press and hold the Reset button and use a long-neck lighter to relight it.

Blower Motor

The blower motor circulates the warm air throughout your home and ensures there are no hot and cold pockets. If the blower motor malfunctions, your home will remain cold even if the pilot light and thermostat work efficiently.

Blower motors often face wear and tear due to years of working. The best way to keep it in its best working condition is to regularly clean your ducts and schedule regular furnace tune-ups to keep the blower motor in check.


You can change most of the components in a furnace, but you cannot replace its whole wiring network. Any fault or broken connections in the wiring can lead to a permanent breakdown of the system.

Improper wiring can cause problems like a tripped breaker, breakdown, and burning smell. You should contact a technician when your furnace faces problems due to wiring issues instead of tackling them on your own.

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