If you have purchased a new air conditioner, one of the first things you need to consider during AC installation in Lake City, FL, is placement. The right location can boost your air conditioner’s performance, maintaining the indoor temperature at optimal costs.

If you plan to install the outdoor condenser where the last one was, then stop right there. That is the sort of thinking that leads to homeowners making AC placement mistakes with far-reaching consequences. So, try taking your time to understand why condenser placement is so important and the factors you need to consider to ensure long-lasting AC performance.

Why Is It Vital To Understand Condenser Placement?

Well, think of the condenser as your indoor unit’s best friend. One cannot function efficiently without the other. While the indoor AC unit removes heat from inside your home, the outdoor condenser takes care of expelling the heat to the outside air.

It may seem very tempting to place your AC condenser where it’s inconspicuous, such as an attic, basement, garage, or crawl space. However, the condenser cannot do its job effectively if it is not in the correct location outside your home. Here is why:

  • Air supply
    The condenser requires enough air supply to help it cool the refrigerant and continue working.
  • Airflow
    Apart from the adequate air supply, a condenser requires unobstructed airflow. Therefore, make sure to leave at least two feet between the condenser and other obstructions.
  • Heat
    If the condenser is outside, it has enough space to release heat. However, placing a condenser unit indoors causes the air around it to heat up, which reduces the overall effectiveness of the AC.

Other Critical Factors To Consider For Condenser Placement

  • Strong Wind

Extreme weather with strong winds can knock over the condenser unit or clog it with debris, damaging the delicate condenser fins. Try placing wind barriers, like a fence, to reduce wind impact.

  • Flooding

Prolonged exposure to standing water can negatively affect your condenser as it encourages corrosion. It can also damage the electrical wiring within the condenser. Consider setting up a drainage system around your condenser to carry water away from the unit or placing it on higher ground.

  • Heating Sources

While a little sunny spot will not necessarily disrupt a condenser’s ability to cool your home, extreme heat can make it work harder to expel air gathered by the AC. Therefore, place the unit under a shaded area to help the unit function more effectively.

  • Stability

The condenser motor emits vibrations when it runs. If you place the condenser on uneven, soft, or weak ground, the vibrations can displace the unit, leading to damages and excessive noise. Choose or build a stable, hard surface to install your outdoor condenser.

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