If your heat pump doesn’t turn on, it is relatively common and can easily be fixed. Nonetheless, because many homeowners do not know how to fix it, they end up calling professional experts to overhaul issues that they could have fixed themselves. For instance, some problems that homeowners can easily fix include:

  • A thermostat that was not set appropriately
  • An emergency switch that is turned off
  • A blown fuse in the electrical panel box
  • A tripped or switched off a circuit breaker
  • A tripped outdoor reset toggle

How Much Time Does it Take for a Heat Pump to Reset?

You can reset the unit by turning it off with the thermostat or circuit breaker. After some time, turn it on again. It can take up to 15 minutes for the outdoor system to restart.

How Do You Reset Your Heat Pump?

Resetting a heat pump can be both a simple and difficult task based on what is causing the problem. You can either reset your heat pump on your own or seek the assistance of an HVAC expert. You can also make a service call to the manufacturer for the best heat pump repair in Lake City, FL.

To reset the heat pump, you can follow the steps given below:

1. Check the thermostat and turn it OFF

If you have to reset your heat pump because it keeps running off or doesn’t execute the desired function, resetting the thermostat is the best option. The first step is to see the settings on the thermostat and adjust them.

A heat pump serves two main objectives – to warm up your residence or cool your space. In case of warming or heating, check if the thermostat is set to heating and cooling modes. Adjust the thermostat to regulate the desired functionality. If still, it doesn’t work out, contact a heat pump repair in Lake City, FL.

2. Check the power supply and turn the power switch OFF

If your heat pump is not functioning properly, you can check if it has an adequate power supply. Maybe someone might have switched off the power switch, impeding the power supply to the heat pump.

Heat pumps come with various circuit breakers to regulate the power supply. There are two breakers. One of them is for the condenser and another for the air handler. The two breakers should be on, and if they are not, you must turn them on.

3. Turn OFF the two circuit breakers

Now, you have switched off the thermostat and the power switch. Turn off the circuit breakers on the air handler and the condenser and wait for a few minutes before carrying out the next step.

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