Whenever you turn on the air conditioner, it does not keep working for hours but drops the room temperature to the desired setting and stays like that for some time. This cycle keeps repeating for the amount of time you decide to keep your air conditioner switched on. There are a few other things that determine how long you should be keeping the air conditioner on.

Normal Air Conditioner Runtime

The runtime is usually low when the summer hasn’t taken its complete form, and you have a properly efficient working air conditioner. Let us get to know some other factors that impact the system and its applications.

  • Air Conditioner Size

A bigger unit increases the amount of work done per minute. Hence the runtime is lower than a smaller unit. You can also consider this according to your room or house size. If you are using an air conditioner in a smaller room, even a small unit will work in a shorter duration of time. Consider 20 minutes. We don’t recommend using such air conditioners for larger spaces because it stresses out the cooling mechanism.

  • AC State

Just like every other appliance, your air conditioner also deteriorates with each passing year. To keep it working efficiently, you have to call for professional maintenance services. Lane Heating and Air can help you with those. But once it has reached a state where repairing is not an option anymore, it will take at least an hour for your room temperature to fall. This is all that neglect piled up over the years, along with the dirt on filters, which hindrances cool airflow.

  • Thermostat Settings

Sometimes homeowners like the room temperature to fall slowly rather than having an abrupt cooling effect. They usually set thermostat settings a few degrees lower than the actual weather temperature. Although it takes some time for your cooling system to maintain that temperature throughout, it is highly recommended. This way, your AC remains healthy, and you even save a lot on electricity.

  • Insulation

Homeowners and technicians take care of the insulation needs whenever the system is installed. But the quality of insulation might depreciate over the years, and if it is not done properly, it takes more time for your heating unit to work efficiently. Spend only once by investing in good quality insulation rather than spending again and again on repairs and power bills.

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