Nothing beats the soothing feel of your air conditioning device working on a hot summer night, with cool air circulating through the vents. It is important to note that when the air conditioning fails to function properly, it can mean countless hot, sleepless nights waiting for a service request. While having cool air may be desirable, the repair costs are less likely to be. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to regularly call experts for your air conditioner service in Lake City, FL.

How to Know if Your AC is Broken?

Here are some indications to understand your air conditioning device is broken and requires a replacement or air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL.

  • Examine Your Thermostat

Check that your thermostat remains its setting to “cool” or “conditioning systems.” Furthermore, if the air conditioner blower is still operating, check the thermostat temperature and correlate it to the temperature within your home. When it is extremely hot outside, particularly between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, air conditioners can fall behind and struggle to keep up.

However, if your home temperature is continuously a few degrees higher than the temperature specified on your thermostat, you may have a greater issue. If you have an automatic or programmable thermostat device, ensure the capacitors are fresh and in good working order.

You should hear a “click” from your HVAC system to suggest it is turning on, in addition to feeling chilled air and seeing a temperature difference on the thermostat. If the thermostat and the HVAC system are not near, you may need one person who works the thermostat and another next to the HVAC system.

If your central air conditioning system refuses to turn off, you may further encounter difficulties. There could be a problem with your machine’s thermostat involving wiring issues or issues with the air conditioning compressor. If this happens with your device, it is prudent to call experts right away so that they can prevent further damage!

  • Check The Vents in Your Home.

You should be able to feel chilly, or at least cool, in the air coming from your air vents. If there is only warm air or no air, your air conditioning system may malfunction.

Make a visual assessment of your vents as well. There could be gaps or tears or pipework that has become disconnected. It could indicate that your air is seeping or is not blowing out of the vents as it should. Dirty and leaking air ducts are inefficient and can cause health and breathing problems.

  • Inspect Your HVAC Air Filters

Have you recently switched your air filters? Change the heating and cooling air filter if you haven’t changed it in a while or if it is visibly dirty. It may make it possible for your system to function properly. Examine your evaporator coils for ice accumulation, humidification, or water pooling. The existence of any of these can indicate an airflow issue that could affect your air conditioning system.

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