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Still, some things are on the disappointment list. It is especially when the air conditioner fails to start and doesn’t work accurately. How is one supposed to spend the warm summers without an air conditioner?

That’s why we are here to cure every problem! We’ll tell you every reason why your air conditioner is not working perfectly. Also, do not forget to contact air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL, if you have a troubling air conditioner.

Possible reasons why your air conditioner is not working

Here is a list of possible reasons why your air conditioner is not working.

  1. Dead thermostat batteries.
  2. The fuse of the AC circuit tripped down.
  3. Clogged air filters.
  4. Fault in the capacitor.
  5. The motor fan on the outside is stuck.

Faulty AC Capacitor

First, let’s understand what a capacitor is and why it is in an AC system?

A capacitor is a scientific device that holds electrical energy in an electrical field. In simpler terms, a capacitor is a tiny, cylindrical thing that gives the motor enough boost to start the entire AC system. It is the powerhouse of the air conditioning system.

Signs For a Bad AC Capacitor

If your HVAC system is not working perfectly, maybe the capacitor is the one to blame. Before jumping on to conclusions, it is better to take advice from the air conditioner service in Lake City, FL.

  • AC is not circulating cold, chilled air.
  • The system takes some time to start.
  • The HVAC makes a humming sound.
  • AC shuts down automatically.
  • The system doesn’t turn up.

If you want to be more confident that there is something wrong with the capacitor: Follow this trick.

  1. Go outside, near the air conditioner’s condenser unit, and look for the fan through the vents.
  2. Take a long, thin stick and move the fan blades with this stick. If it starts, then the fault is in the capacitor.

Possible Solutions For a Faulty Capacitor

The only possible solution is to call the HVAC professionals and experts from the air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL. They will conduct an inspection and then conclude what the matter is. They will give their insights and a solution to the problem.

However, if you are a technician and love to carry out all the technician tasks, you need a new capacitor. You can buy it from the market. Remember to check the microfarad and voltage on the capacitor. It should be the same as written on the previous model. Check for the DIY (do-it-yourself) videos and install the new capacitor!

Before jumping in the water, it would be better to consult a professional air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL. If you are looking for one such service, which is best in their work and specialist in delivering HVAC services, visit our website here!