Old HVAC appliances are a big menace to their owners and the environment. Various air conditioner owners do not wish to contact a technician for AC installation in Lake City, FL, to replace their old system with a new one to avoid the big installation bill. Still, they invite several other problems by avoiding this much-needed replacement. Here is what is in store for you if you are one such owner:

Wear and Tear Damage

It is one of the most obvious and frequent issues with old air conditioners. No matter how much you maintain your old air conditioner, it will face wear and tear damage.
An old air conditioner has several parts that you can replace, but the important ones have no replacement. If the important parts stop functioning yet continue to use your appliance, it will invite unimaginable wear and tear damage to the system.

Lesser Efficiency

Decreased efficiency and damage go hand-in-hand. If one exists, the other one will follow behind soon. Since the air conditioner will face excessive wear and tear damage, it will fail to work efficiently, which means there will not be enough cooling in your home.
If you continue using your old air conditioner, you may notice problems like hot and cold pockets and poor indoor air efficiency. To get comfortable home in the summer season, you need to replace your old system.
Moreover, lesser efficiency means increased energy bills. Your air conditioner will work for more hours to maintain a cool temperature in your home, which will consume more energy, and your energy bills will rise each month.


The two common types of leakages with old air conditioners are refrigerant leaks and ducts leaks:
  • Refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment as systems built before 2020 have R22 refrigerant, which is harmful to nature.
  • The ducts in your home attached to your air conditioner also grow old with time and develop holes in them that allow condensed air to seep into the walls.

Malfunctioning Fans

The fan present in your air conditioner is responsible for transferring hot and cool air from and in the air conditioner. A malfunctioning fan will result in no transferring of air in your home, leading to inefficient cooling and uncomfortable temperature.

Instead of contacting a professional technician for regular AC maintenance jobs in Lake City, FL, replace your old system.

Wiring Problems

An air conditioner is a big machine, which means it has hundreds of wires. You can somehow replace several parts of an air conditioner, but you cannot replace the wires. Over time, the wires grow old and face extreme damage, leading to short circuits and fire hazards in the worst case. An old air conditioner can cause you several safety risks if you do not replace it timely.

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