It is important to own an AC during the summer months, regardless of when you might need an air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL. Considering that a person has grown up owning a system at home, it may be time to consider having it replaced. Though, there are a few things to be aware of before doing so.

Things To Know Before Replacing an AC Unit

Before you think about buying a new AC unit, here are a few things for you to consider –

  • Frequency of Repairs

You know it is the right time to replace your air conditioner when you are required to schedule an AC repair in Lake City, FL, frequently. While a repair may be able to help sort out whatever issues that your system may be having. An increase in its frequency can cause the system to wear out faster. This includes having to change parts frequently as well. Rather than this, replacing the system would be more efficient and cheaper.

  • Age of the Unit

As many are aware, the average lifespan for an AC system falls between 15 to 20 years. However, due to its continuous use because of the hot climate and frequent repairs. This lifespan can be shortened to around 10 to 12 years. Before you think about getting a new system, it is important to consider how old your present system is. If your system has crossed the 10-year mark, then it is time to have it replaced.

  • Use of Freon as Refrigerant

This is an important factor to consider. As of January 2020, the use of Freon as a refrigerant has been banned. If you own an air conditioner that still uses Freon as its refrigerant, then it is time to have a new system installed. This is because system’s that use Freon as a refrigerant cannot be recharged within something else. Rather than that, installing a new system that uses Puron or R410A as a refrigerant is better.

  • Proper Maintenance

Before you decide to replace your current air conditioner, it is necessary to note whether it had received regular and proper maintenance. This helps ensure that the system is in good condition and reduces the chances of you calling for an air conditioner repair in Lake City, FL. A system that hasn’t received proper maintenance is more likely to malfunction, regardless of the number of repairs it has received. This results in the definite need to have it replaced.

  • Amount of Time in Current Home

This is a factor worth remembering before you consider replacing your system. If you are looking to remain in your present home only for a few more years, then it is better to have your system repaired and save the new one for your new home. On the other hand, having a new AC unit in your current home can also help raise the price if you plan on selling it.

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