As Florida is a generically warm region, your AC must remain in optimal shape to counter the heat. You cannot just leave it to be and then expect it to cool your house on a whim. HVAC units require special care and special attention. With the way they function, it is no wonder that they get dirty very soon. However, finding the right methods to clean them is upon us. And also, keep the units overall efficient.

An extremely crucial component of your AC, the evaporator coil gets dirty quickly. It takes the hot air from your house and uses the condenser to send it out. However, it also takes in the dust and dirt from the air in doing so. This can lead to becoming dirty and a stark difference in efficiency level. So, it is necessary to find an AC maintenance, Lake City, FL team that offers maintenance of your AC at a reasonable cost. But let’s focus on the evaporator coil for now.

What are the Impacts of a Dirty Evaporator Coil?

Dirty evaporator coils can have various adverse effects on your AC. Some of them are:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: As your evaporator coil will suffer as it is dirty, this will pressure other components to compensate for the evaporator coil. Components that work harder are subject to wear and tear.

This can lead to failing parts and high repair costs. If this happens, you need to contact an air conditioner repair, Lake City, FL team to help you repair. However, that is if you live in Florida!

  • Decreased Life Expectancy: As the different parts get worn out sooner than expected, this will lead to repairs or replacement. Too many repairs can reduce your AC’s life expectancy, and it might be over in a couple of years before the stipulated time.
  • Reduced Airflow in the House: As the evaporator coil will take in lesser air due to the dirt, it will circulate lesser air. This will lead to less efficient cooling and affect the AC’s performance. Hence, it might take a lot of time for your room to cool.
How to Clean your Evaporator Coil Without Removing It?

You can clean your evaporator coil easily, but it is still advisable to approach a professional. You might need a few tools for this process, but not altogether hard to arrange. To clean your evaporator coil, you need to:

  • Read the manual. And then, remove the access panel using the required hardware. This leaves the evaporator coil exposed for simplicity.
  • Set the access panel aside, and put all the screws together in one place for convenience. This is so that you do not lose them and can easily fasten the access panel back on.
  • After this, use compressed air to blow the dirt. Use it at an angle so that the dirt goes inside the coil, and then use the compressed air to push it out.

However, if you ever need professional assistance for AC repair, Lake City FL, contact Lane Heating and Air for a professional experience. Reach out to us on (386) 466-7514 or visit Lane Heating and Air’s website for further details!