When your air conditioner refuses to work or develops a snag during the summer, you know how frustrating it is. Even worse, you discover that the issue is the consequence of inadequate air conditioning unit installation. That excuse may appear absurd, yet it is a fair reason.

Inadequate AC installation or poor maintenance practices will not only reduce AC efficiency but will also cause damage to your property.

Here are a Few Precautions You should Take for AC Installation and Maintenance

  • Location of Air Conditioner

The location of the air conditioner is one of the first things to consider when installing an air conditioner. If you make the wrong judgment about where to place your air conditioner, you may end up spending more on monthly bills than you would like. As a result, you should spend your time finding an appropriate place for your unit to ensure long-term performance. Here are some AC pre-installation precautions recommended by specialists.

  • A window air conditioner, or even the indoor unit of a split air conditioner, should not be placed immediately in front of a door or window. If it does, the risk of cool air leakage rises.
  • Keep the outdoor unit of a Split AC out of direct sunlight. Because of the direct sunlight, the outdoor unit will overheat and impact the functioning of your air conditioner.

The skilled technicians are well enough in the field. As a result, you may readily take their recommendations before an ac installation in Lake City, FL.

  • Checking of Air Conditioner

After installing a new AC unit, you should put it through its paces to ensure that everything is working efficiently. When testing your AC equipment, you should focus on three main areas: the controls, the ductwork, and the vents.

  • AC Maintenance

Taking precautions during AC installation eliminates half of the problems. The other part is concerned with maintenance. An expert who installs your air conditioner is already familiar with the system and the needs of your home. With the help of a qualified ac repair in Lake City, FL, you can avoid the variety of problems that may arise in the future due to irregular or lack of maintenance.

Checklist for AC System Maintenance

The following is a list of maintenance things you should perform on your air conditioning system annually.

  • Replace the air filter.
  • Thoroughly clean the evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Examine and clean the drain line and drain pan
  • Ensure that the blower and condenser fans are lubricated.
  • Examine the electrical wiring and controls
  • Inspect the thermostat for good operation.
  • Examine and clean the air registers and ductwork.

A skilled technician should guide the homeowner through the entire system, from turning on the air conditioner to how it works to how to turn it off. Other things the expert should teach you about are controlling the thermostat, desirable humidity levels, primary maintenance, common AC problems and their solutions, and so on.

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