Having a good and relaxing sleep can be tough at times, especially during the hot summer nights in Lake City, Florida. Owing to the tricky and extreme weather, programming the thermostat to have the right temperature in the room is not easy. In case one decreases the temperature, it may seem too cold. In addition to this, an increase in the utility bill and frequent services from AC repair in Lake City, FL, is not desirable at all.

This dilemma has resulted in the Department of Energy releasing a statement regarding the optimum temperature at which one can set their thermostats and ensure a good sleep. The optimum temperature, according to DOE, is between 60 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

A More Efficient Temperature

Each time summers arrive, we all brace ourselves for high utility bills. However, that does not mean that certain practices can slightly decrease the monthly payment. The reason why the DOE mentions the above temperature is because it creates a comfortable temperature in the room while being a more economical option as well.

  • Increased Efficiency

Below mentioned factors can be adapted in an attempt to decrease the load on our AC systems further. These are –

  • Running Fans

Putting on the fan while the AC is running can lead to a 4-degree Fahrenheit decrease, thus allowing the AC to function at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This can also circulate the cold air more evenly throughout the entire room.

  • Blinds And Curtains

To ensure the most savings, one should also do everything in their power to reduce the overall temperature of the house during the day. This involves drawing the blinds and curtains so that direct sunlight does not enter inside the house.

  • Daytime Temperature

Some sources state that setting the thermostat to a higher temperature during the day would drastically reduce the need for AC during the night. The higher temperatures, in this case, refers to the 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit range.

  • Automatic Thermostats

At present, the newer models of AC systems contain a “smart thermostat”. As per this technology, an individual is capable of programming a temperature beforehand. Therefore, the time when they are in a particular phase of sleep will not be interrupted. This is because this phase, also known as REM or Rapid Eye Movement, requires a temperature that is comfortable as the body cannot regulate the internal temperature temporarily.

  • Open Windows

In case the temperature for the night is pleasurable and does not require cooling from the AC, one can opt to open the windows and leave the fan running. This will allow the room to receive natural air conditioning while also not requiring extra energy.

There are many ways in which one can receive some well-deserved shut-eye during the summer. However, one can also benefit from a frequent check and tune-up during the summer to ensure that the AC system is not overburdened and neglected.

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