An Air conditioner is a complicated machine. A regular person cannot figure out what is the cause of damages. There are some things you should know when you own an air conditioner.

A refrigerant is a compound used in your AC unit. It soaks up environmental heat and provides cool air. There is a huge myth about refrigerants. Myth is that an AC unit requires refrigerant regularly. But the truth is they do not need refrigerant until and unless there is something; damaged in your AC unit.

Two Most Common Refrigerant Issues

1. Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant line can leak due to metal grinding down over time. The leak may start as small, but with time you will begin to notice some huge changes. It will impact your AC unit and struggle to cool your home.You may hear strangely loud whistling or hissing noises while your AC unit is on.
You may face:

  • Less than prime cooling performance.
  • The higher humidity level inside your home
  • Energy bills touch the sky.

2. Undercharged refrigerant.

When you get your AC unit installed, The HVAC contractor should follow the Manufacturer’s mentioned details. If the technician does not follow proper instructions and put little refrigerant, it may cause a problem. A low charge on refrigerant leads to a frozen evaporator coil that leads to lukewarm cooling. There is also a possibility of overcharging refrigerants. If such a thing happens, it may overheat the unit and result in a complete shutdown. Issues like these suggest you hire the right HVAC contractor who will not mess with your AC unit.

Scams to be Aware of

Some HVAC contractors will not guide you. They will take advantage of the situation. For instance, when you get your AC unit installed, they might not charge the refrigerant fully. So they could visit again and again to charge. That will cost you a lot. Some HVAC contractors won’t tell you about the leak. As regular people, we don’t know the cause of the problem. But HVAC contractors take advantage. Instead of fixing the leak, they simply charge and create more damages. Get your AC maintenance in Lake City, FL to avail best services.

To Avoid Such Scams, Know-How Refrigerant Works

Air conditioner’s refrigerant voyages through the indoor evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser unit. The evaporator coil soaks up the heat from the dispersed air, and in the condenser coils, it’s cooled down. Air returns to the evaporator coil and keeps your home pleasant with cool air.

Now that you know how refrigerant works and what scams are involved. You can notice the following signs to prevent your AC unit from getting damaged.

  • Vents are gusting warm air.
  • A strangely loud from refrigerant lane
  • The air conditioner runs but does not cool your space
  • Frozen refrigerant
  • Electric bills are amplified than before

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